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New Jersey HCG Medical Weight Loss Plans for WomenMale and female bodies have vastly different needs and unique processes. One of the many benefits of the HCG Diet is that it can be customized for the gender, age and body type of the patient. So many weight loss programs available today promise “results” and do not make consideration for the unique individual. This is why the HCG Diet is able to affect such amazing weight loss results. Women gain weight for a variety of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with overeating or not having enough willpower.

Common Causes of Weight Gain in Women

  • Weight fluctuations due to the monthly menstrual cycle
  • Being on hormonal birth control pills
  • Permanent weight gain after pregnancy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Menopause
  • Consistent lack of restful sleep

Another key factor in women’s weight gain is that they often don’t have the time to take proper care of themselves. The relentless demands of family, work and other obligations cause many women in New Jersey to put their own health on the back burner. As a busy modern woman, you may not even realize this is happening.

Have You Been Down the Dieting Road Before?

Like many women in New Jersey, you may have tried several different diet plans in the past. Each one promised you fast, long-lasting results without you really having to work for it. The pattern of yo-yo dieting is a familiar one for a lot of women. You lose some weight, go off the diet because of constantly feeling hungry, gain back all of the weight you lost plus more, and then go on another diet. This is a discouraging way to live. The HCG Diet for women offers real hope and real results for people who have given up on the idea of ever reaching their ideal body weight.

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG diet uses a naturally produced hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), along with a low calorie diet, to stimulate fat loss. While the body naturally has structural fat, which is a protective layer between the skin and organs, the body often begins storing abnormal fat, which is fat that is often stored around the abdomen, or on the thighs, hips, back or arms. Excess fat is stored in the body when you eat more calories than your body burns. Unfortunately, most diets that severely restrict calories cause the body to burn muscle tissue as energy, resulting in a loss of muscle mass instead of fat loss.

The HCG diet uses HCG to trigger the body to release abnormal fat, burning it for energy instead of burning muscle tissue. HCG must be used in conjunction with a low calorie diet to trigger the body to start burning fat stores. Most people notice that they still maintain their energy while on the diet, and the HCG prevents the severe side effects that often come with hunger while on a low calorie diet. The diet’s ability to specifically target unhealthy fat without leading to protein deficiencies or muscle loss is what makes it such a revolutionary weight loss plan for individuals who have not had success with other weight loss programs.

Personalized Support and Guidance

Have you ever wished you knew a healthcare professional who would guide you, cheer you on, and adjust your treatment if it became necessary? That is exactly what you can expect when you choose to work with a New Jersey HCG Diet Specialist listed in our directory. Not only do you receive this personalized guidance, your diet plan is tailor-made as well. Before you start receiving HCG, your doctor will conduct a physical exam to determine the optimal dosage.

Your diet specialist respects the fact that no two women have the exact same weight loss needs or HCG requirements. This is a different approach from most commercial weight loss programs or even diets prescribed by a traditional doctor. People receive a list of things to do or not do with no room for individual differences. In addition to determining how many calories you should consume each day, your HCG Diet Doctor in New Jersey may advise you to discontinue the use of certain cosmetics and to take specific vitamins while you are actively losing weight on the program.

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